AMHA~AMHR~ICHR Champagne Miniature Horses
         AMHA~AMHR~ICHR Champagne Miniature Horses

About Us

Bout Thyme Farms is a small farm located just an hour's drive from Charlotte. We started with a few APHA horses for show and pleasure. Little did we know the bigger, (or should I say smaller) picture at the time. It all started with a mini mare we took as trade for some hay. Well, one mini led to a second, the next spring a third, you get the idea of where I'm going with this. From this simple beginning, we have blossomed into where we are now which is focusing on Champagne Miniatures and is an absolute dream come true.


Our Farm

We are a family farm that has truly established itself. Not only do we raise miniature horses we have a small number of our exhibition poultry left, we grow a wide range of fruit and vegetables and grow our own hay.



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Photo Gallery: Our Farm at a Glance